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Tours 3.1-3.6 are put together on your request and according to your wishes.

The Czech Republic has very beautiful countryside to offer. There are rivers, forests and mountains to enjoy. Most of these nature areas are still very local, typically Czech and really quite an experience. Organising this with us will make you find those places only locals know about :)

If you would like to go to one of these areas, all you need to do is contact us through the order form . Write us where you would like to go, how many you are and we will contact you to discuss and plan your trip.

Tours 3.7-3.15 we organise together with a partner. Prices are per person. They have a minimum of 4 participants, so if you are less we have to check with them on possibilities.

3.01 Walking in the mountains

Walking in the mountains

In the north of the country there is a mountain range called Krkonose National Park, on the border with Poland. We know a number of beautiful walks in these mountains and have contacts to some of the mountain cottages. So on your request we can put together a trip there for you. We can arrange basic or more comfortable, with or without guide.
You can go back and forth from Prague in a day, or stay overnight. Or two nights. The mountain cottages there are very typical old style Czech!
You can walk up and down the mountains, or take lifts up and walk down.

3.02 Walking in Czech Paradise (Cesky Raj)

Walking in Czech Paradise (Cesky Raj)

Czech Paradise is an area not far from Prague. It is known for its large rock formations that are scattered around the area. There are also some castles and ruins in the area.
A wonderful place for walk that you can do in a half a day.

3.03 Walking in Czech Switzerland (Ceske Svycarsko)

Walking in Czech Switzerland (Ceske Svycarsko)

Czech Switzerland is the northern border area of the Czech Republic under Dresden. It is a beautiful area with high sandstone formations, beautiful views, small towns with wooden "roubenka" houses, forests, castle ruins, water and gorges.

3.04 Skiing or snowboarding

Skiing or snowboarding

From Prague you could be on the ski slope in just over an hour. The closest area has one black, five red and one nice long blue slope through the forest. Ski-rental is available on the spot.
At just over two hours from Prague there are some resorts that are bigger. None of the Czech resorts can be compared with the Alps, but they are lovely for a few days.
We could arrange a one day trip or several day trips. Just ask us for possibilities.

3.05 Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing

For lovers of cross country the Czech Republic is ideal! You can make wonderful tours over the ridge of the Krkonose mountains, undisturbed by downhill skiers. You can spend the night in mountain cabin hotels in the middle of nowhere....great!!!
We could arrange a one day trip or several day trips. Just ask us for possibilities.

3.06 Rafting, canoeing or kayaking down a river

Rafting, canoeing or kayaking down a river

Rafting down a river you could call a national sport in the Czech Republic. On a sunny day many people rent a raft or a canoe and float down a river through little towns and forests. Once in a while there is a ramp to go down, once in a while a little pub to stop at or a town to eat in.
You could do this as a daytrip from Prague or, camp on the riverbank or at a campsite and do multiple days.
We can arrange this for you on request, within no time at all. Just ask us for possibilities

3.07 Horseback riding

Horseback riding

If you would like to go riding, we can arrange it. Riding on horseback through forests, villages, and meadowland. You get instruction in advance and during the trip from the guide who will adjust to your individual level of experience
The price includes: Guide, hotel pick up and return, transport, 1,5 - 2 hours of riding, helmet, drink

3.08 Sky diving

Sky diving

You will make a Tandem jump, so you don't need any special training. You will simply receive a short instruction before the jump and then you'll be able to experience the same thing as an experienced skydiver. The rising level of adrenalin during the flight, the wonderful feeling during the jump, the beauty of a free fall, a bit of shiver while the parachute opens and finally a soft landing back on Earth.
The price includes: Guide, hotel pick up and return, transport, training, jump, special clothes, DVD with your jump, T-shirt.

3.09 Bobsleigh Track

Bobsleigh Track

You can reach a speed of 50 km on the 1 km long track, with several specialities, eight curves and bumps. The trolleys are designed for one or two persons, therefore even sensitive people or small children can take part. The effective braking mechanism allows everyone to choose the optimum speed and driving style. The sensation of the ride comes together with the magnificent panorama of Prague. Evening rides are also available thanks to special night lights.
The price includes: Guide, hotel pick up and return, transport, six rides, lunch, drink

3.10 High Ropes

High Ropes

Are you strong in mind and body? Do you want to test your physical and mental ability? Do you enjoy surpassing yourself 6m or more above the ground? Are you keen on anything with a bit of adrenalin? Jungle Creek and the Rope Challenge Course offer you this and much more. Professionally trained guides will teach you how to overcome obstacles in the air that would be child's play on the ground, but which seem insurmountable in the air. An adventure!

3.11 Go-Karting


A wild ride! You don't know what to expect as you take your seat and fasten your helmet. A technician starts the go-carts. The feeling of being a real race driver is enhanced by the document that shows your precise lap times and average speeds. The track is in a roofed arena with a sports bar that has a great view of the race track. Professional guides are ready to assist you and organise a competition if required.
The price includes: Guide, hotel pick up and return, transport, 3x10 min. of races, racing helmet, overall, drink.

3.12 Archery


Archery, an ancient art. The invention of the long-bow was one of the biggest discoveries of our history. The bow has followed us all through time until today. We can also prepare a small target shooting competition for you, either long or crossbow shooting.
The price includes: Guide, hotel pick up and return, transport, one hour of shooting, drink.

3.13 Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a thrilling experience, demanding calm concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions. Of course these are not real birds and no one gets hurt, making it a great sport for all - young and old, men and women alike. You obtain 25 pigeons targets that pop up from underground pits and are started with voice commands.
The price includes: Guide, hotel pick up and return, transport, 25 targets, 50 rounds from shotgun, drink.

3.14 Outdoor Paintball

Outdoor Paintball

A tense, thrilling, and truly entertaining sport that can be played again and again, in many different ways. Two teams are pitted against each other, the goal, eliminate all in your path! You can play paintball at a new, modern playground in Prague, on the „Císaøská louka" island close to the old Vysehrad Fortress near the city centre. The facility consists of three separated fields. The first one is set up as an old town with houses and barriers. The second is in military style and the last one has inflatable barriers which are used for sport paintball.
The price includes: Guide, hotel pick up and return, transport, gun, 100 balls, face mask, gloves, special clothes, drink.

3.15 Quad Biking

Quad Biking

4x4 Off Road Quad biking is an exhilarating team activity. It gets the adrenalin pumping as you race across rough terrain with fully automatic, easy to control four wheels, drive 125 cc bikes. The Quad Bike circuit is located on the outskirts of Prague not far from the city centre. It's time to get in on and race! Come and feel the wind on your face and good fun with friends.
The price includes: Guide, hotel pick up and return, transport, 40 min. of riding, helmet, drink

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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