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9.01 Knightly Tournament

Knightly Tournament

Witness a medieval knightly tournament! Experienced warriors will show you their art. You can bet on one of them and win an unusual reward. Dinner in a medieval pub or in a fortress is included in the program.

9.02 Bourgeois' feast

Bourgeois' feast

Visit the middle age for one night and experience a real medieval feast. The typical feast of the past includes lots of food and drink as well as beautiful medieval dancers. The dancers will not only show you their art, but they will also teach you how to dance the old medieval dances.
At the end of the feast, there's an Oriental surprise prepared for you...

9.03 Window to the past

Window to the past

Try to live in the middle age, at least for one night! Watch how the knights fight and try out their arms, then dance with fair dancers from the past and taste delicious medieval food. The program takes place in an old medieval pub in the centre of Prague.

9.04 Searching for the Secret of AURUM FLUENS

Searching for the Secret of AURUM FLUENS

Do you think you really know our capital city? Get to know Prague a bit differently! Follow the traces of the AURUM FLUENS, the ancient legend which lies hidden somewhere in the old streets. Look carefully, if you are patient and observe around, the reward will surely reach you!

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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