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9.04 Searching for the Secret of AURUM FLUENS

Searching for the Secret of AURUM FLUENS

Do you think you really know our capital city? Get to know Prague a bit differently! Follow the traces of the AURUM FLUENS, the ancient legend which lies hidden somewhere in the old streets. Look carefully, if you are patient and observe around, the reward will surely reach you!

character of the event:

  • tourists: enjoyable-cognitive (focus on landmarks)
  • corporate clients: teamspirit

number of participants: 5 - 60
duration: 2-4 hod. (according to client´s requests)
location: Prague (or Kutná Hora)
language: Czech, English, German

note: suitable supporting program for congress, meetings and other business events

The International research company Globe-Search has been working for many years to discover a
secret...which is hidden somewhere in Old Prague. It somehow relates to the mysterious essence called
AURUM FLUENS (The flowing Gold), and it is said it has miraculous effects. One of the employees (P.M.)has found out, that the Globe Search company wants to sell the outputs of the research for military use.
P.M has decided to look for the secret on his own to avoid AURUM FLUENS´s abuse.
P.M. is in danger and cannot show his identity, so he is just looking for some courageous guys to find
the final clue...he urgently needs you, who are able to support him in his efforts.

program description:
The program is created as a spy game, where the sense, passion to play and ability to coordinate is
needed. At the beginning of the game you´ll be divided into teams. During the afternoon you will follow the
P.M.´s instructions to find another clue information and direction as well. Your path isn´t created just for fun
and relax, but also for getting know little bit of Prague´s history. In case of any misunderstanding or any
other problems, P.M. is always on the phone and his assistants ready to help.
After the end of the program we do recommend to move into one of the medieval pubs, where the
entertainment goes on (see the program Window to the past)

sample program (30 participants):

timetable: approximately 3 hours

  • dividing of participants into teams
  • first clues, hidden in a black box, are retrieved
  • delivery of initial instructions, journey begins...

The secret is hidden on the Royal Passage (includes stops at: the Powder Tower, the Old Town Townhall, the Charles Bridge, the Small Town, the Prague Castle with St. Vít´s Cathedral...).

price: preeliminary price is 1 750,- Kc + VAT per person

price includes:

  • program
  • gifts within the program
  • complete realization (technical, material and operating costs)
Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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