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Private Guide - Welcome to the website of Private Guide Praha!

We are a travel agency offering high quality personalised travel services in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

You could say we re-create the former Czechoslovakia, a land of beautiful cities, culture, leisure, sport, adventure and amazing nature.

Through Private Guide Praha you can:

Because we were founded by a professional guide who after many years of experience " in the field" decided to become a travel agent we can truly say we know from experience what is the best and share our love for “Czechoslovakia” with you.

The whole idea is that we are your Private Guide, your local experienced contact who can help you create exactly the experience you want.

Your private guide:


For those who would like to have a local expert show them the ins and outs of the wonderful city of Prague, or any other place in the Czech Republic.
Nothing beats having your own guide, and if you are a group of 4 or more it works out cheaper than a package tour.

Our idea of a private guide is basically that he or she should be your local, very well informed friend who adapts to your wishes and interests. We do not believe in you following an umbrella! Another thing we find very important is that after having been with us you will know where to find the things that you would like to find. Theatre, Jazz, eating, drinking, anything...

Of course all our guides are licensed guides of the Czech Republic, who have passed exams on history, arts and monuments.

For ideas on possible tours or excursions with your own guide click “Private tours and excursions

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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