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Prague is in our opinion the most wonderful city in Europe!!! The beating heart of Europe!

The former capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia is most certainly not "grey" or "Eastern Europe"!

She is stunningly beautiful, lively, cultural, SAFE and very varied. The history of the city goes back over a thousand years and when it comes to architecture, she has anything from 12th century Romanesque to the most surprising Art Nouveau and Modernism, from windy medieval alleys to proud, big boulevards.

During the day you can enjoy walking or "tramming" (using the tram) around the beautiful city, enjoying monuments, views, parks, musea, shops gardens and much, much more.

And at night? Three big theatres that have a fantastic opera scene and ballets, four (!) symphony orchestra's and beautiful concert halls, wonderful restaurants, jazz clubs, all other sorts of clubs and...for the beer drinkers: old fashioned pubs and lots of good beer.

Czech Culture in a few words: music, arts, theatre, architecture, friendship and beer! And nature. We love our outdoors.

Prague is a city in the hills, and that is one of the reasons of the great variety. There are a lot of different parts of town and every part has its own charm and typicality. It is like many little towns in one. Some parts of Prague were in fact different towns in the past, only to be united in the 18th century.

For enjoying the city to the full it would be good to know that:

-the centre is much bigger than the historical centre "Praha 1" Do look beyond! Prague Vinohrady, Smichov, Bubenec, etc...

-if you are planning to go to an opera or classical music, do bring your very fancy clothing! The locals dress up!

-in the historical centre you will not find the local charm in the very touristy main street. Walk around the block, explore passageways and look for back-gardens.

-it can get very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Good boots in winter are a must. And do bring an umbrella, as there can always be a little shower. Generally the weather is very nice though.

I sincerely wish you a wonderful time in the Czech Republic and of course I hope you will decide to use our services.

With warm greetings from Prague,

Joeri Happel

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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