1.01 Guide time

Guide time

Expert guides can be booked for a full day or for a half day, 8 or 4 hours respectively. You could look at the following list of tours and book one, just take the day as it goes or you might come to us with specific wishes.
Off course you can also have your guide for more than 8 hours.

1.02 Prague introduction, 4 hours

Prague introduction,  4 hours

The first tour for getting your bearings. In this half a day your guide will combine a bit of everything. You will see all the most important monuments, learn about our history, habits, politics, get restaurant tips, etc... If you are not too good on your feet you could decide to use some public transport.

1.03 Prague in depth, 8 hours

Prague in depth,  8 hours

This tour is basically the same as tour 1.01 , but with the time to go more in depth. You could decide to visit the insides of the castle, or the Jewish museum. Or you could go and visit the other prague castle: Vysehrad. Well worth it!
You could combine tour 1 with any of the other 4 hours tours. We do recommend a whole day, for you'd be surprised how time flies in our wonderful city. If 8 hours is too much for you can off course just cut it in two halves and do two half days. Or three :)

1.04 Prague Castle in detail with Mala Strana, 4 hours

Prague Castle in detail with Mala Strana,  4 hours

In Prague Castle you could spend a whole day! This tour will show you all the parts that can be visited: the Old Royal Palace, the Cathedral with the tombs of kings and the grave of Wenceslas, the Basilica, the Mihulka and Dalibor towers and the golden lane. We also make sure you see the guards change. Whatever time is left after the castle you stroll though Mala Strana, the palace town of Prague...

1.05 Jewish Prague with The Jewish Museum, cemetery and Old Town, 4 hours

Jewish Prague with The Jewish Museum, cemetery and Old Town, 4 hours

You could say that there has always been a community of Jewish people in Prague. For sure since the 10th century. On this tour a guide who has specialised on Jewish culture tells you their story and explains their traditions . You will visit various old synagogues that house parts of the collection of the Jewish Museum and walk across the AMAZING ancient cemetery. For non Jewish people this is a real learning experience and for Jewish people...for them a look into the past and a chance to see an amazing collection of precious religious and every day items of central European Jews

1.06 Off the beaten track 4 or 8 hours.

Off the beaten track 4 or 8 hours.

The title says it all. Tour 5 will take youaway from the known sites into the world of the locals. Even though Prague is extremelytouristy you will see that there is a whole world you would have never found.Some of it is very, very beautiful. Other parts are a bit grim... Using publictransport your guide could show you the lanes of Vinohrady, the villas ofHradcany , highrises at the end of the metro lines or the little down to earthpubs of Zizkov......

1.07 Prague with children, 8 hours NB tour 21

Prague with children, 8 hours NB tour 21

Experience has taught us how to combine the interests of parents with those of the children. Regularly using trams we connect Prague's monuments with towers to climb, labyrinth or Ferris wheel, to more monuments, then may-be a boat ride or un underground tunnel and much more emphasis on stories, myths and legends than in tours without children. Once in a while the parents even get to rest while the guide entertains the kids!

1.08 Politics and 20th century! 4 hours

Politics and 20th century! 4 hours

This tour focuses on the recent past and uses it to explain the present. In a nutshell: Booming Bohemia at the end of the 19th century, WWI, the First Czechoslovak Republic, Munich, WW2, expulsion of 3000000 people, Communism, 1968, Dubcek, Svoboda, Jan Palach burning, the seventies, Gorbacov, Havel, the Velvet revolution, the Velvet Separation and developments since then and the NOW. We pass the spots where things happened and visit the museum of communism.

1.09 Old Town passages and hidden alleyways, followed by Art Nouveau in New Town, 4 hours

Old Town passages and hidden alleyways, followed by Art Nouveau in New Town, 4 hours

A combination of the real Prague Old Town with the modern faces of New Town. In Old town your guide will really show you what a labyrinth it is. Hidden passages, courtyards, alleyways. Within metres you step from the tourist hubs into the middle ages. Most buildings are 6 centuries old or more!
Then into New Town, where you keep using backstreets and passages and enter quite a few buildings.
Now the story is about the National Revival of the Czechs in the 18th century and the development of the more modern arts and styles of architecture

1.10 Palace gardens of Mala Strana, 4hours

Palace gardens of Mala Strana, 4hours

A day enjoying the gardens of the feudal nobility in Prague's Lesser Town or: Mala Strana.
Only in summer we can make this precious walk.
We start with the northern gardens of the Prague Castle, walk through the Castle itself and then through the southern gardens of Prague castle. Then through the many lovely terraced gardens of the palaces under the castle, taking our time to enjoy them and the fantastic views. The Ledebourg, the Palfyoffsky and then the huge Valdstejn gardens. After them follow the Vojanove, and the very hidden Vrtbovske gardens. The tour then ends with a cable car ride to a restaurant on Petrin hill, for a drink. Or food.

1.11 Just Architecture and art! 4 hours

Just Architecture and art! 4 hours

Prague is THE city for walking through the centuries of history of architecture. Romanesque, gothic, renaissance, mannerism, baroque and so on. To understand the development of architecture one must off course look at the bigger picture.
On this walk your guide will explain the different styles by linking the history of architecture with the history of art and the political situation of various periods.

1.12 Lunch Cruise 2 hours

Lunch Cruise 2 hours

Two hours cruising through Prague on the river Moldau (Vltava). With or without a guide, as you wish. Lunch buffet is included

1.13 Dinner Cruise 3 hours

Dinner Cruise 3 hours

Three hours cruising through Prague on the river Moldau (Vltava). With or without a guide, as you wish. A dinner buffet is included and a jazz band livens up the night.
We pick you up and drop you off at your hotel!

1.14 Jazz Boat

Jazz Boat

The Jazz boat has an excellent jazz band! The difference with tour 1.13 is that you can eat "a la carte" The price is for the cruise and the music. Of course we arrange for you to be picked up and dropped of at your hotel.

1.15 Folklore party

Folklore party

An experience! Long wooden tables, sitting with strangers, dancing and folklore music of central Europe. We have to be honest though: this is not for everybody. However, those who like folklore will have a great time!

1.16 Vintage Tours

Vintage Tours

The vintage cars made in the days of the first Czechoslovac repubic are beautiful old-timers. To sit in one of these great old cars whilst being driven through the streets of old Prague is a real trip into the past and if you are a lover of old cars, a real must. The drivers speak basic english and will give you some explanation about the monuments you pass. You can of course also do this as a part of your city-tour, with your own private guide.

1.17 Ghost tour

Ghost tour

Explore a darker side of Prague as we walk away from the bright lights of the Old Town Square. The lantern leads us down narrow lanes and dark twisting alleys where the ancient structures, haunted churches have given birth to many of Prague's legends. The blackest secrets of the dead are below these lanes and lead into the catacombs. We will learn about the science behind the paranormal world, explore the folklore and history of Prague, and learn the secret symbolism contained within the architecture.

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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