2.01 In the footsteps of Jan Hus

In the footsteps of Jan Hus

Characteristics:  Theme-tour package aimed especially at  protestant groups and those interested in the history of western religion.

Number of participants: minimum 20

Duration:  4 days

Location:  Central and Southern Bohemia:  Prague, Tábor, Čáslav, Kutná Hora



The program is created as an interesting journey that follows the footsteps of Jan Hus, reformer in the Kingdom of Bohemia. The participants discover his legacy.  

Hussitism issue is explained not only from the Czech point of view, but it is also placed in the European context.  During this trip we will visit places that are connected with Jan Hus himself as well as with the main protagonists of the Hussite movement (e.g. Jan Žižka, the famous leader of the protestant army). Two lectures given by experts on the history of Hussitism are also included in the tour.  The last evening we make our guests experience the atmosphere of the late Middle Ages during a medieval in the privately owned fortress of Malešov, near the historical town of Kutná Hora.


Day 1: Arrival to Prague and transfer to Tábor (a medieval town that Hussits founded, hoping to create a new world according to their principles). Check-in at a hotel and sightseeing in the afternoon.

Day 2:  A trip to Prague.  A lecture on the Hussite era at the Charles University in the morning, then lunch.  In the afternoon we will see Prague’s most important Hussite historical monuments as well as stunning exhibition of medieval art  in the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia.  We go back to Tábor in the evening.

Day 3: This day starts with a lecture on  the Hussite military in the Museum of Tábor. Then we have lunch  and go to see the town of Čáslav - one of the centres of Hussitism in Central Bohemia.  Our next stop is the medieval town of Kutná Hora (the second most important Czech town in Middle Ages, the place where silver used to be mined).  We check-in at the hotel there and spend the evening in the fortress of Malešov, situated near the place where the bloodiest battle of the protestant war took place.

Day 4: Sightseeing in Kutná Hora including silver mines, Church of St. Barbara and the unique ossuary with he bones of 40.000 humans!!

Transfer to Prague Airport, departure.

Price: We will calculate a price for you according to the number of participants possible special requests.

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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