7.19 Wildlife in Slovakia - Tatra Mountains

Wildlife in Slovakia - Tatra Mountains

Relaxing, calm holiday connected with trekking is the right choice for animal and nature lovers. According to your choice accommodation will be arranged at the hotel or traditional Slovak wooden „koliba" a mountain hut right in heart of the area. Local hunter will guide you to follow the footsteps of wild animals - mountain goats, wild boars, deers and if lucky also a bear, wolf, linx or an eagle. You will have a chance to admire beauty of the Slovak nature by walking through forest path, hillsides and valleys. Your reward would be a good sleep in the arms of nature, fresh air and unforgettable momories.

Slovak Tatra Mountains is a truly unique place with a rich and fascinating wild life. This stunning place with some extraordinary surroundings is a home to many animals and predators, out of which the most exiting are wolfs, lynx, eagles and even brown bears. Wild bear, red and roe deer, chamois, wide variety of bird life, including five species of eagles can be also seen. This itinerary gives you the chance to get right in the heart of this wildlife. Your local guide will help you to get on the right paths with the highest possibility of making your tour successful. However, we must also say that all of the predators and animals mentioned above are obviously wild creatures with no fixed routine and finding them requires not only the skills and knowledge of your guide but also your patience.
Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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