7.09 Trekking and Walking in Slovakia - Mala Fatra and Slovak Paradise

Trekking and Walking in Slovakia - Mala Fatra and Slovak Paradise

Discover meadow-covered ridges, through rugged rocky slopes, canyons, gorges and deep and silent valleys of Mala Fatra and Slovak Paradise!

During this tour we will discover two beautiful National parks in Slovakia called Mala Fatra and Slovak Paradise. Mala Fatra provides a wide diversity of natural features ranging from meadow-covered ridges, through rugged rocky slopes, canyons, gorges to deep and silent valleys. Slovak Paradise is on the other hand famous for its impressively deep gorges and canyons with numerous waterfalls. Slovak mountains are home to many animals such as brown bear, lynx, wolf, eagle and others. During this week you will discover the area where the Slovakian Robin Hood was born. Juraj Janosik is the national hero who was the fighter for the truth. Juraj was born in the mountains and we will walk through his secrets paths and discover many lovely view points, waterfalls and rich fauna and flora. The week will be split into two parts. First half of the week is in Mala Fatra and the second part in Slovak Paradise.



1. Travel to Slovakia

Today you will meet our representative at the airport and transfer to village Terchova, which is the birth place of Juraj Janosk, the Slovakian very own Robin Hood. Your leader will take you directly to your hotel for your first night. We check in and prepare for the next day. In the evening we can have dinner either at our hotel or we can go out for evening meal.


2. Trek through canyons of Janosikove Diery

Janosikove Diery (canyons) is part of the National Park that visitors should not miss! Canyons consist of various waterfalls and gorges accessible by wooden footbridges and ladders. Part of the trek has also educational boards on the way providing the basic information about the area (fauna, flora). Our walk will start at the end of village just be hotel called Diery. Approximately after 10 minutes we get to first waterfalls. Getting through the canyons requires using wooden, iron ladders and in parts there will also be some chains to help us through more tricky parts. This is relatively easy day with some very surprising views, mountain streams and waterfalls. At the end of the walk we go through a mountain village Stefanova where we will see some of the impressive wooden houses and some small farm gardens. Approximately 6 hours of walking.

3. Terchova

Today is the day of discovering the hidden mountain settlements, where people still live to this very day. Those settlements are spread in the mountains around the village Terchova. Again on the way we will see some educational boards telling us more about the surroundings. One of the settlements that we will visit today is the very place where Juraj Jannosik, the Slovakian fighter for the truth, human justice and rights, lived. From the centre of Terhcova we follow green tourist mark, which will take us to the mountains and the first settlements. The terrain is up and down but overall not too demanding. Approximately 6 hours of walking.

4. Reaching the highest peak Velky Krivan

Walks on the first two days should prepare our legs for today's walk to the highest peak in Mala Fatra called Velky Fatransky Krivan (1708m). Straight after our breakfast we take the local bus to Stary Dvor, which is the biggest ski centrum in this area. This will be our starting point of today's walk. From Stary Dvor (610m) we will walk the ski slope until we get to the top of the hill called Poludnovy Grun (1460m). In about second third of the ascent we will get to an mountain cattage Chata na Gruni (989m.), which is great for a break. Once we get to Poludnovy Grun we will follow the main ridge to Chleb (1645m.) From Chleb we'll carry on walking on the ridge heading to the highest peak Velky Krivan. Terchova is now below us in the valley. Heading to Terchova we descent to cottage Vratna, from where we take a local bus back to Terchova. Approximately 6-7 hours of walking.

5. Slovak Paradise

Bus transfer to Slovak Paradise. After breakfast we will get onto our bus to take us to our next destination for us to explore. Journey distance: 145 Km. On the way it's possible to stop at various places to visit for example Demanovska Cave in Low Tatras or outdoor thermal pool Besenova to relax after the three days of walking.

6. Romantic valley of Sucha Bela

Exploring the most romantic valley in Slovak Paradise called Sucha Bela is again something that people should not miss when visiting this area. This walk is similar to the walk in Mala Fatra when walking through the canyons. However today we will discover greater waterfalls and iron ladders to claim. Medium difficult, comparatively demanding tour in a form of circle. Wooden and iron ladders, chains, steps and footbridges secure exposed stretches in the gorge. They require an extra caution. The passage through the gorges is one-way, up the stream of the brook only. The rest of the route runs on comfortable forest roads and paths. Approximately 5-6 hours of walking.

7. The view of Tomasovsky Vyhlad

This is medium demanding tour. Exposed stretches in the Prielom Hornadu secured by footbridges, chains, stairs and ladders require attention. The assets of this route will satisfy every nature lover. It ascends first to the rock gallery called Tomasovsky vyhlad with superb views. The rest of the day is relatively easy crossing many chain bridges and streems. Approximately 6 hours of walking.

Departure. We will transfer you back to your airport before saying goodb
ye to you.


Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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