7.23 Hunting in Slovakia

Hunting in Slovakia

SLOVAKIA - the country with rich traditions and history of hunting. Carpathian mountains, beautiful meadows and deep green forests has been home to a wide range of animals for thousands of years. Cooperating with the hunting association in Slovakia we are now one of the few companies organizing stalking and hunting holidays in this part of the world. From shooting ducks, pheasants to deer stalking or even hunting wild bear Slovakia is the country with an ideal conditions for all lovers of stalking and hunting. Offering services that go far behind your imagination. Let us know your wishes and we are here to help. From the first minute we will be with you through out your stay insuring that things go as planned.

Hunting time: The best time for hunting is from October 1st - October 25 th. You can of course book your hunting with us anytime between the 1st of September till 31st of December.

Hunting areas: You will have the chance to hunt in the whole area of this region, which is over 7000 hectares.

Guides: We will provide you with a local hunter (stalker), who will take you to places with the highest possibility of successful hunting. There will also be one of our staff who will do any translations that might be needed from English to Slovak language in order to communicate with the local hunter.

Guns: As it is not legal to rent guns in Slovakia or Czech Republic you will need to bring your own gun. Cartridges can be provided upon request on your arrival.

Trophy heads: before you will go hunting you need to tell your guide what kind of trophy you would like to obtain. There are three main types. Bronze, Silver or Gold. Your trophy will be measured by a registered assessor, which will reflect the price.

Young Fallow Deer: 16 EUR

Adult Female Fallow Deer: 25 EUR

Trophy prices from: 570 EUR

Prices for medal trophies from:

Bronze trophy: 1660 EUR

Silver trophy: 2000 EUR

Gold trophy: 2660 EUR

NON - GUN options would definitely be appreciated by your non - shooting friends or family. While you are experiencing your best shooting / hunting your friends or family can enjoy themselves with other activities. We will provide you with a list of activities that are on offer in each of the unique destination we have to offer. For - example why not to discover the capital Bratislava, visit caves and castles, relax in thermal pools or spas, go for lovely walks in the Small Carpathian Mountains, cycling, canoeing, horse riding, fishing. All of those are just examples of activities what your non - shooting friends or family could do while you are deep in the forests experiencing adventures shooting on your best trophy.


Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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