7.10 Hiking Holiday in Slovakia - Western Tatras, Mountain Village Zuberec-Habovka

Hiking Holiday in Slovakia - Western Tatras, Mountain Village Zuberec-Habovka

Western Tatras are known as ROHACE mountains and the whole area is part of the Tatra National Park. The highest peak is Banikov 2178 m. Rohace mountains are very popular for both summer and winter tourism. In summer there are opportunities for many different walks starting from the easiest ones suitable for families with little children to the most difficult ones using chains at over 2000m high.



1.Arrive to Krakow. Transfer to Zuberec, app. 2,5 hours drive. Accommodation in local Pension or hotel.

2.Walk around Rohacske lakes. On our first walking day we will take one of the easier walk, but the most picturesque one. We will walk around the beautiful mountain glacial lakes. There are 4 of them and at the end of the walk Rohacsky waterfall is waiting for us to freshen up. It is circular walk and it will take us about 5 hours. As we walk around we will see beautifull panorama of Western Tatras above us.

3.Osobita peak Today we will walk to Osobita 1687 m, which is the western border of the Western Tatras. Osobita under the highest protection of the Tatra National Park because of its uniquie mountain plants and flowers growing on its lime stone base. Today we will have a great view of north Slovakia, Polish part of Tatras (famous Giewont peak) and of course the rest of Rohace mountains.

4.Exploring history and life of Tatran people Partizans hospital + Orava village museum. This morning we will take a walk through the forest to hidden Partizans hospital. It will take about an hour to get there. This hospital was built during the World War II. by the local partizans who were fighting against Nazis. There are many exciting facts about the hospital and partizan stories. Im sure you will be thrilled to hear them. In the afternoon we will explore Museum of Orava village. There we will see the exposition of original wooden houses from all over the northern Slovakia.

5.Sivy vrch peak After quite relaxing day, today we will take a walk to Sivy vrch 1804,5 m. It is all day walk with some quite challenging parts where we would have to use chains to climb up. Once we get to the top we will get an unforgottable view. Village Zuberec down bellow in the valley, Liptovska Mara and Oravska priehrada lake in the distance and much more...

6.Juranova valley + Oravice thermal pools. This morning we will take an easier walk to Juranova valley with beautiful canyons and streams. Entering the valley we might have a chance to meet local sheppards with sheep as it is their home for the summer. Why not to try to milk the sheep or taste freshly made soft sheep cheese. In the afternoon we will rest our tired muscless in the warm thermal water which is rich on minerals.

7.Brestova peak Starting off at the Rohace Spalena ski resort we will head for Brestova peak 1902,6 m. We will walk along the chair lift and getting higher we get to Salatinska valley and have the Salatin and Brestova peaks in front of us. This is the paradise for extreme skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Let´s explore this secret land by our foot walking on narrow mountain paths

8.Depart in Krakow. After breakfast we transfer back to Krakow

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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