7.18 Cycling Holiday in Slovakia and Poland - Tatras and Zakopane

Cycling Holiday in Slovakia and Poland - Tatras and Zakopane

By cycling though this highlanders region we will admire overwhelming mountains, typical decorative architecture, learn about the life of native people and breathe the freshest mountain air. Starting in mountain town Liptovsky Mikulas we will head north all the way to Poland. The mountain town of Zakopane will definitely catch all your attention. It´s architecture, central market with traditional products, horses all around and welcoming atmosphere is unforgettable.
Some parts of the cycling are quite challenging, that is why potentional level of fitness is needed. This trip can be guided or self-guided. In case you choose self-guided we will provide you with detailed instructions, maps, and the names of your hotel for each day. Email us and we send you a detailed description of this trip. 


1. Arrival

2. Liptovsky Mikulas - Oravice (50 km)

Today we will cycle beside the lake of Liptovska Mara, which is one of the biggest and most popular artificial lakes in Slovakia. We will admire clear water, wildlife around and panorama of Tatra Mountains in the background. Then we follow red cycling signs to Liptovska Sielnica, than to Kvacany village. Here we will go through very picturesque Kvacianska valley all the way to village Huty. It is fist quite challenging part of our cycling trip, we would have to get off the bike and push it. Beautiful scenary and peacefull atmosphere through the valley is worth it. At the very top of the village Huty we will get to the main road, go left to village Zuberec. As you enter Zuberec, there is traditional restaurant JOSU on the left side or Steak House EL BOR on the right side. Both are great for lunch or drink break. At the end of village Zuberec (Milotin restaurant on the left side) turn right to Oravice direction. This will be quiet road through the woods all the way to Oravice. This settlement is famous for thermal springs, water is full of minerals good for tired muscles. There are 2 different thermal pool resorts. We should not skip this opportunity to get relaxed.

3. Oravice - Zakopane „Exploring GORAL world" (34 km)

Today we wil be exploring GORAL world . GORALS - special ethnic group of people, both Slovak and Polish living close to the border around Tatra Mountains. They have own language (mixture of slovak and polish). They are connected to mountains and nature, they take care about sheep and other animals. Folk costumes from this area are very decorative as well as architecture. We will admire beautiful wooden houses all the way to Zakopane and we can also stop at the sheep farm by the road to try some fresh sheep cheese and „ZINCICA".
From Oravice we will follow red cycling marks to Village Vitanova. When we get to main crossroad, turn right towards villages Hladovka, Sucha Hora and to Slovak - Polish border crossing. After the border we will enter village Chocholow, at the crossroads go right following directions to Zakopane. Now we will have nice and gentle cycling to Zakopane. Zakopane is the most famous mountain resort in Poland.

4. Zakopane - Zdiar (37km)

Today is the most challenging part of our cycling. From Zakopane we will climb up to Tatranska Javorina border crossing. It will be quiet road, but up the hill mostly, so we might get off the bikes here and walk. From center of Zakopane take Jana Kasprowicza road to Poronin and to Tatranska Javorina border crossing, Podspady and then to Zdiar. Zdiar is also typical Goral village on slovak side of Tatra Mountains. We will see many traditional decorated wooden houses here.

5. Zdiar - High Tatras (Tatranska Lomnica), 20 km

After hard day yesterday, today will be more relaxing day. Only 20 km to Tatranska Lomnica. Follow the main road from Zdiar to Tatranska Kotlina. We have a chance to explore Belianska jaskyna cave in Tatrasnka Kotlina. The Belianska Cave belongs among the most visited show caves in Slovakia. Except for bizarre rocky shapes, it is known by rich occurrence of calcite fills. Though the interest in natural attractions of the cave have been persisting for 125 years, the rules of its forming are not entirely clear by now. If you dont want to explore the cave we can carry on to Kezmarske Zlaby, Tatranske Matliare and Tatranska Lomnica. Tatranska Lomnica is one of the most famous Tatras settlements. The main attraction which we highly recommed is cable car to Lomnicky Stit, 2625 m. It is one of the highest peaks in Slovakia.

6. Optional cycling in High Tatras.

7. Aqua City Poprad

Cycling from Tatranska Lomnica to Poprad. Today we will spend the whole day at the famous thermal pools where we can relax after the week of cycling.

8. Departure

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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