7.16 Biking in Slovakia - Mala Fatra and Tatra mountains

Biking in Slovakia - Mala Fatra and Tatra mountains

During this week we will discover some of the most beautiful parts of Slovakia from the seat of your bike! This trip can be guided or self-guided. In case you choose self-guided we will provide you with detailed instructions, maps, and the names of your hotel for each day. Email us and we'll send you a detailed description of this trip.



1. Travel to Slovakia We meet our guide at the airport and transfer by bus to town Zilina where we stay overnight. In the evening we can go out for a drink to one of the local restaurants or bars. Bratislava - Zilina 2 hours to drive.

2. Cycle form Zilina to Terchova (43 Km). After breakfast our bikes will be ready for us outside the hotel. To start we will cross the main bridge over the river. From Zilina we will follow the direction to Kysucke Nove Mesto and Cadca. Cycling up and down we get to River Dam near Zilina. At the end of our cycling around the lake there is Castle Strecno, which we are welcome to visit. The picturesque ruin of the romantic gothic castle on a high cliff above the left side of the river Vah was the safest fortress of the surrounding region in the past. The Castle was built in the mid-14th century. To carry on we need to cross the river either using the walking bridge or the fairy boat called Kompa Strecno, which we would have to pay for. Today's cycling is almost over. Our meeting point with our driver will be in village Varin, which is our meeting point with our driver who will take us and our bikes to village Terchova. Terchova is the birth place of Juraj Janosik who is the Slovak hero, the fighter for the truth, human rights and justice. The very own Slovakian Robin Hood.

3. Terchova surroundings (17 Km). Starting by the church following river Varinka, we will get on with our next day of cycling. We will follow the main road passing first set of smaller settlements. Following the green dotted cycling route © we get to settlement Sipkova. At the Sipkova settlement there is a tourist information board about the region also in English and map of the region. The massive wooden table with benches is there to relax for us before we carry on to the next settlement. After about 100m we will get to crossroads where a board with various cycling directions can be found. We will follow the sign for Smrekovci to the right. After going up the hill for about 100m we will get to a road fork. Go right over the bridge and carry on up hill. Again cycling up this hill requires a potential level of fitness, therefore for those who want to take it easier can get off the bike and walk the hardest bit of the hill. Cycle further to the higher part and we will get to Janosikovci settlement which we will see on our left hidden in the trees. This was the real birth place of Juraj Janosik - the Slovak Robin Hood. There are still the relatives from Janosik's family living there till this very day. On this day we will have some magnificent views. Some parts are more demanding so we will need to push our bikes to make it easier for us.

4. From Terchova to Ruzomberok (50 Km). After breakfast we get on our bikes and follow the main road all the way to Zazriva. As there is no other way of getting to Parnica we will use the main road going down hill. Cycling through some villages and fields we get to town Ruzomberk, but our cycling is not finished today. Before we look for our hotel we have one more attraction to see and that is one of the biggest attractions in Slovakia called VLKOLINEC the wolf's place. (Ruzomberok - Vlkolinec - 5km)
To make it easier for us we will walk up the hill approximately 3km pushing our bikes. The harder work will be definitely worth it when we get to Vlkolinec. VLKOLINEC (Wolf's Place in English) is a small village, which is a part of Ruzomberok. Its unique compound of original folk buildings remained untouched by modern construction. Based in comparative study of ICOMOS (International Council for Monuments and Settlements) it was classified as the best-reserved settlement of this time within the Carpathian Arch. Originally it was the settlement of loggers, shepherds and farmers. We return back to Ruzomberok for overnight.

5. To Lake Liptovska Mara (40 Km). The official start of today's cycling starts by Ruzomberok train and bus station. There is a bridge over the river Vah in front of the station, cross the bridge and notice the tourist marks board on the left side 20m after the bridge. We will follow the red cycling line to Besenova and than all the way to Lake Liptovska Mara. Besenova is one of the most famous thermal pools resorts in Slovakia. You might notice Besenova Thermal Park. Cycle for about 1km, leaving Besenova, and than take first turn right to Vlasky. We are getting off the red cycling line in order to get to Liptovska Mara Water Dam. We will have a great view of the Dam and the peaks of High Tatras in the background. Follow the route around the Dam to town Liptovsky Mikulas. Our next overnight stop

6. Cycle on the hills of High Tatras (60 Km). This morning we go from the center of Liptovsky Mikulas the same direction as we came yesterday follow the blue recommended cycling route towards village Bobrovec. When cycling on the path called Tatranska Magistrala there will be parts when we will have to get off the bike and push it, as some parts are too steep to cycle. Once we will get to mountain meadows we will have a beautiful view of High Tatras on our left side and Low Tatras and the little villages on our right. Keep cycling following the red mark and we will get to Hotel Mier and Mihula. From now on we will be on the tarmac road. At the crossroads go right, down the hill all the way to Pribilina museum. After enjoyable down hill cycling we will get to the bottom of the hill to the main road. On our right we will have the Pribilina Museum, which we are welcome to visit. We then cycle back to Liptovsky Mikulas. As we enter the town, we will see the white water rafting area built special for training. Return back to our hotel. Our biking ends.

7. Train to Bratislava This morning we get on the train in Liptovsky Mikulas back to Bratislava. Today we will discover the capital of Slovakia. Why not visit the castle, have dinner at one of the friendly restaurants and do not forget to try the Slovak beer!

8. Departure

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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