7.04 Golden Prague and High Tatras

Golden Prague and High Tatras

Re-uniting Czech Republic and Slovakia back together after their dissolvation in 1993! During this trip you have a unique chance to get the best of both countries and Poland as well!

Golden city of Prague in Czech Republic, also known as the city of a hundred towers, and magnificent High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia and Poland with some the Europe's most beautiful mountain scenery. After a busy day discovering historical Prague you will catch the overnight train to Slovakia. High Tatras with the highest peak - Gerlach (2655m) are truthfully called the smallest great mountains of the world. Based in peaceful mountain village Zdiar you'll make trips to explore further Tatra Mountains region both Slovak and Polish part.

Meet the guide at the airport. Our guide will welcome you and assist you with the transfer to your airport.

After breakfast we set for the day of discovering the golden city of Prague. Visiting the most interesting places will make this day memorable. We will visit for example the Astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, The Prague's castle and other fascinating places full of history. Our guide will recommend us a nice place for lunch. In the afternoon we will have time to visit other places as we wish. In the evening we get on a sleeper train to Slovakia (Tatra Mountains). Our guide will assist us finding the right train before saying good bye to us. Once we arrive in town Liptovsky Mikulas situated only 40 minutes to drive by bus to our hotel we will be joined by Slovakian guide who will be with us during our time in Slovakia.

In the early morning we arrive in Liptovsky Mikulas, which is situated in the Tatra Mountains in northern Slovakia. At the train station we meet our next guide who will be with us during our stay in Slovakia. We will transfer to our pension or hotel in a lovely mountain village Zuberec. Today we will relax at one of the outdoor thermal pools in mountain settlement Oravice, which is only 11 km from our hotel in Zuberec. The thermal water in this part of Slovakia has proved to be very beneficial to the humans body. Grate place to relax after the walks in Prague and the train journey. Return back to Zuberec.

After breakfast we drive 40 km by our minibus to Parnica, which is the starting point of todays rafting. This rafting is very easy graded 2 and suitable also for children. On the way we will learn how to raft in a group and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mala Fatra mountains. This is also the birth place of Juraj Janosik, the Slovakian very own Robin Hood! Juraj Janosik was the fighter for human rights, taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Today's rafting will take around 2 hours. After we get of our raft in Kralovany we will head to one of the traditional restaurants for our lunch. Here we will have some of the local specialities.

This afternoon we will climb aboard a horse-drawn carriage for a ride through forest and meadows of national park Mala Fatra mountains. At the same time we will have the chance to see one of the waterfalls called Sutovsky.

Today we will trek in the area of Western Tatras. A short 9km journey by bus takes us to the small settlement of Zverovka (1004m) which is the starting point of our trekking. The first part of today's walk will be on a road before ascending to the first mountain lake of Tatliakovo. Initially it's only trees that we will see above us but within a short space of time the mountains begin to reveal themselves ; jagged, grey limestone peaks reaching over 2000 meters above see level. On the way we will see another three mountain lakes each with crystal clean water. By one of the lakes we will have our picnic lunch. Once we start to descend we will also pass a beautiful 18 meter high waterfall Rohacsky. In warm summer days this is a great place for break. Approximately today's walk take 6 hours, ascent of 650 meters.

This morning we will take a bus to the nearby settlement Oravice, where once again we have the chance to relax in the thermal pools. Other options include a walk in the beautiful are of Juranova waley, or a visit to a sheep farm where we can but locally produced cheese, or why not to try a Slovak traditional drink made out of sheep milk called ZINCICA. After lunch at a traditional restaurant near Oravice we will drive west for 35 km to the banks of the Orava river where we will board a traditional Slovakian wooden raft for a gentle one-hour river journey to Orava Castle. The scenery here is beautiful. Our guide will be telling us many interested things about the way of life that people used to live in this region. There will be countless wooden log houses on our right side. From our wooden raft in around an hour will see the Orava castle in the distance. We will leave the raft and walk up through the village to reach the castle that we will visit. In the early evening we return back to our hotel.

After breakfast we will rent our bikes for a ride into the countryside. From Zuberec, we will head uphill on a tarmac road into the mountains, through forest and crossing several streams before arriving at the traditional mountain cottage of Sindlovec, about 8km away (gently up hill). This is a great place to relax, buy a drink or some ice cream. Returning back to Zuberec will be a lot more enjoyable as we will go downhill. On the way back we will stop at the well know open air museum Brestova. This is a mountain village with many wooden homes as well as farms, barns and a wooden church. There are many interesting artefacts here but our visit will be timed to also make the most of the hands-on activities that the museum organizes each week.

This morning is free. At around lunch time we will visit a local family that will prepare a traditional lunch for us. The main traditional mountain dish will be specially prepared Halusky. This is a traditional mountain dish of hot potato dumplings served with melted cheese and sprinkled with bacon, for vegetarians without bacon. Eating with the local family is a great way to discover more about Slovakian culture and daily life.
After our lunch we will drive for 45 minutes to the Low Tatras National Park where we will visit one of the most beautiful caves in Europe called Demanovska Cave. To entrance the cave we will walk up a footpath to the entrance of the cave in the side of a mountain. Inside you will find and array of interesting and colorful stalactites, stalagmites and stone waterfalls. In the evening we will return back to Zuberec.

On this day we will have a chance to do our own activities according to our wishes. In the evening our guide will transfer us by bus back to Liptovsky Mikulas to take the night train back to Prague. Our guide will not travel with us. This is the time to say good-bye.

Your trip ends.

Amazing Slovakia

Amazing Slovakia



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